About Me

General Info

👋 Hey! I’m Nisarg, a Software Engineer and maker based in Fullerton, California.

My approach to full-stack applications is to build them on simplistic, stable and rapid technologies that are easy to use and scale.

In my free time, I build keyboards, talk with friends on discord, and research random topics!

Current Work



Dona is building a back to basic to-do list focused on fast and delightful user experience.



Push out faster lyric videos or synced lyrics support for your fans with accuracy and scale.



Enterprise software, integration, and digital experiences that no one else can deliver.

Previous Work

My past projects include Fig fig, Goggles goggles, Darsian darsian, Bluve , and ScaleLabs .


I am deeply passionate about scaling and building. Hence the specialty in SWE with a generalist skillset. My current priority is to learn and grow while pursuing my dreams. If you share this take, I would love to connect.